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We created AIMI in 2018, so she could solve the content creation challenges that most small businesses and entrepreneurs face with their social media marketing.

Hello, I’m PreBuilt Marketing AI co-founder and CEO Zachary Hedges!

In 2014, I started MDC DOT, where I created an all-in-one CRM, Social Media, and Marketing Automation platform.

After receiving two US patents and working with over 15,000 small businesses, I realized one major thing.

Providing most small businesses with marketing technology is like giving them a racecar without a driver. Why, because most small business owners don't know how to write content, are not marketers and don't have the time to learn how, so they have marketing tools they don't use effectively or at all.

The result their business suffers, growth stalls, and it makes it that much harder to live the entrepreneurial dream.

I knew that no software company has yet to solve the content creation and strategy problem, so we decided to be the first and use Artificial Intelligence to do it – and in 2018, AIMI was born.

Since we are the first to use AI in social media in this unique way that makes us trailblazers in the new emerging AI content creation space. With that awesome responsibility, we have made it our mission to help entrepreneurs enhance their marketing strategies and increase sales through artificial intelligence.

I invite you to join our community and put AIMI to work for you today!

Zachary Hedges

CEO of PreBuilt Marketing AI


Empower those who want to live the entrepreneurial dream and provide a vehicle to achieve success.

Question standard norms before choosing to obey them, always be different, innovative, and use AI in unique ways.

Strive to take the guesswork out of content creation and continue to provide a user experience with the perfect mix of form, function, and communication.


Zachary Hedges
CEO & President
Amin Nelson
Chief Architect
AIMI PreBuilt
Head of AI
Shankaran Patel
Application Architect
Whitney Sarallo
Customer Experience Manager

People     AIMI

  • I am seeing more hits and traffic to my listings then I did before, I attribute the sale of home to PreBuilt Marketing

    Cindy Kranzle
    Real Estate Agent
  • PreBuilt Marketing was the answer I needed for my Facebook page

    Kory Edwards
    Small Business Owner
  • This tool truly helps me create relationships and create conversations with my followers and that is what I love the most about PreBuilt Marketing.

    Lisa Mustard
    Family Therapist
  • It takes me five to six minutes max to build a campaign that for over 2 weeks.

    Gerry Conticchio
    Social Media Expert

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